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Excerpt #4: The photo is of Piazza del Duomo in Florence, Italy. The Baptistry can be seen at left, Giotto’s Bell Tower at right, and the duomo … Florence’s cathedral … is between them. Megan and friends are urgently crossing the city searching for Jakes.

At Piazza del Duomo we have to wait for traffic. I try to catch my breath as we wait for the light to change. Luca still holds my arm, and I feel him twitch with impatience. Then the pedestrians surge … Continue reading

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Excerpt #3: My protagonist, Megan, is attending a nocturnal festival in Florence, la Festa della Rificolona, and her new friends talk about a local legend concerning the equestrian statue there, in Piazza SS Annunciata

“Look at the third floor. See the window farthest to the right?” I nod. “The woman who lived there married into the Riccardi family, but she and the Grand Duke, Ferdinando de’ Medici, fell in love at first sight. According … Continue reading

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EXCERPT #2: a typical landscape in Tuscany. This photo was taken near Strada in Chianti. In the excerpt from my novel Megan describes her walk from the bed and breakfast where she’s staying downhill to the main road, where she plans to catch the local bus to Florence.

I stop at a row of cypress trees, already a familiar sight, and rub my hand over the shaggy bark. Then I stoop to pick a purple flower, but draw back when my fingers meet thorns. It’s prickly. Everything is … Continue reading

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EXCERPT #1: This excerpt from my novel describes my heroine’s arrival at the Pitti Palace with her tour group. The photo is of me in the Boboli Gardens. A corner of the palace can be seen in the background.

At least this time we’re dropped off in front of our destination, the Pitti Palace, but I don’t like the Palatine Gallery here as much as I liked the Uffizi. The lighting is poor, and reflections make the jumble of … Continue reading

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Welcome. Benvenuti. I’d like to explain the purpose of this blog … to write about my writing and my painting, creative endeavors that seem to be manifesting simultaneously. I know that writing about writing seems redundant, but the writing here … Continue reading

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November 4, 1966 – The Flood in Florence, Italy

We rented an apartment in Florence, Italy, and we were thrilled with our view of the Arno River and the swans that cruised majestically under the arches of the Ponte Vecchio. It was late afternoon as I hugged my knees … Continue reading

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