Painting and writing have been lifelong passions. I went in the wrong direction many years ago when I pursued my degree in commercial art and design at Richmond Professional Institute (now Virginia Commonwealth University.). I should have studied fine art, but I was trying to be practical and safe. Safe isn’t the best option, I’ve discovered, because safety is never a sure thing; life has too many variables. The best advice I can offer anyone is to do what you really want to do as your career. I’m going to do that now, even though I no longer expect this to become a career. It’s just what I want to do.

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  1. We want paintings! where are the paintings!

    One can tell from your writing that you respond emotionally to colour; the prose enriches the page with purples, reds, an earthy sense of green; a haiku-like contrast with spiny, sharp ground, rough and hard.

    You do painting–like “the mill”–that moves me. This blog cries for your work.

    • admin says:

      Robert, I haven’t figured out how to post my paintings here large enough to be seen well. (If anyone can tell me how do do that, I’d appreciate it.) In the meantime, if you’re on Facebook, ask to be my friend, and there you can see some of my paintings.
      I do love color; it brings an emotional response that give deeper, unarticulated meaning to a scene, whether described pictorially or in prose.

  2. Meraviglioso! bella!
    You’ve are doing some good work, Cynthia. I especially like the turtle–“dilemma.” Excellent presentation overall.

    I enjoyed, too, reading the excerpt: the strawberry tree, the feel of nature as a backdrop to Megan’s sense of abandonment. OK; she’s alone. When does HE turn up? You know: the edgy character who’s gonna break this story wide open!

    Waiting, impatiently!

  3. admin says:

    Laurie, how nice of you to write!

    I did well at the book signings and it was fun to meet the other authors at the Regency book fair. I’m sorry you couldn’t make it.

    Sorry too that your Mom’s having problems. I hope the surgery helps. And good for you for helping out a friend. That’s more important than coming to my book signing. But if you really want a copy of my book, you can order it at amazon.com – title, “Immortal Venus.” It’s $19.95. The e-book costs a lot less. Or, if you let me know, I can always bring you an autographed copy sometime.

    See you in the spring.

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