Path Beside the James

I finished a new painting! This is always an exciting moment for me. It means I’m satisfied with what I’ve done, and that I can begin something new.

I painted my favorite subject again, the James River, but I threw in an element of experimentation.  In my previous reflections I was tending towards abstraction, but this painting is realist. My experiment lies in the lower right quadrant, where I laid down a patch of thick gel and stippled the left part with an old toothbrush and scratched the right part with a toothpick in long, thin grassy shapes. I then painted over this texture. It gives a very satisfied depth and movement to what could have been a flat uninteresting section of the canvas.

I plan to use texture more often in the future, I like where it’s taking me.

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3 Responses to Path Beside the James

  1. Mazuro Salvadori says:

    Cynthia, questo dipinto, come già ti ho fatto sapere, mi piace tanto. E’ bello, senza particolari superflui, e possiede quella rara delicatezza che a me, e spero a tutti coloro che lo ammirano, suggerisce tanta pace. In alto a destra il cielo abbagliante, sulla sinistra lo scuro della boscaglia. Mi piace la tua sincerità di descrivere come hai ottenuto certi effetti, col vecchio spazzolino da denti e lo stuzzicadenti. Tanti vorrebbero forse mantenerlo come geloso segreto. A presto, in attesa del tuo prossimo lavoro.

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