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Another view of the Torre di Quarate

This tower is an important landmark of the village of Quarate, near Florence. Italy. For more information, follow this link.

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Ocean Home, a poem inspired by a stay on the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Ocean Home The erratic motion of the waves in the ocean creates an hypnotic urge; a shadowed remembrance of things primeval in the sound of the thunder of the ebb and the surge. I’m a stone. What a notion! I … Continue reading

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A poem – inspired by nature, remembered and refound thanks to Robert Hartley’s inspired poetry in his book “Mossbackdragon”

Robert’s personal saga, which hi-lights his creative process in writing poetry, reminded me that I once wrote poems of my own, in a period of my life when I had time to meditate regularly (I seem to need time … … Continue reading

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Old mill on Giles Road

On one of our exploratory drives in the country, my husband and I discovered the ruins of an old mill. The road is in Amelia County, I think, but it must be right on the border with Powhatan County, Virginia. … Continue reading

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5 Ways I’m Like My Protagonist

Some of my protagonist’s story is based on personal experience, so those who’ve read my manuscript and know me have the right to question if this novel is autobiographical. One story incorporated into the novel as Megan Eston’s experience was … Continue reading

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Welcome. Benvenuti. I’d like to explain the purpose of this blog … to write about my writing and my painting, creative endeavors that seem to be manifesting simultaneously. I know that writing about writing seems redundant, but the writing here … Continue reading

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