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The monastery ruins

The ruined monastery featured in Immortal Venus, Monte Malsano, was based on actual ruins located northeast of the town of Bagno a Ripoli, near Florence, Italy. Its history as reported in Immortal Venus is pure fiction. The real ruins, a … Continue reading

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Birth of Venus, by Alessandro Botticelli – Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

In an early scene from Immortal Venus, while viewing this painting, my protagonist, Megan, receives her first hint that mysterious undercurrents may be about to disrupt her life. Throughout the story, the Goddess of Love is used as a reflection … Continue reading

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Another view of the Torre di Quarate

This tower is an important landmark of the village of Quarate, near Florence. Italy. For more information, follow this link.

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Eventually – this poem explores one of those moments when life changes unexpected. When an unknown future looms ahead it can be frightening, but unpredictabilty can force us to examine ourselves, can lead to recognition of a supressed spark within which, when nurtured, can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Eventually I’m wildly volatile wildly untamed. Wildchild, your eternal rebel. Down with left-brained order! Rightmindedly I cling to chaos whose wholeness doesn’t dissolve my freedom. Don’t define me and lose my ambiguity. Don’t desert me; don’t diffuse me. Choose me … Continue reading

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A poem – inspired by nature, remembered and refound thanks to Robert Hartley’s inspired poetry in his book “Mossbackdragon”

Robert’s personal saga, which hi-lights his creative process in writing poetry, reminded me that I once wrote poems of my own, in a period of my life when I had time to meditate regularly (I seem to need time … … Continue reading

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La Torre di Quarate

Mauro, hai chiesto una foto della torre … eccola.

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We just returned from a long-overdue trip, first passing through England to see our son and his family, including our new grandson. They came with us then, to Italy, to visit friends and family. The trip was far too short, … Continue reading

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” Little Helper” – Turtle illustration #5

This snail was one of my favorite illustrations. The grain of the wood works beautifully with the whorls of the shell, and her expression is so silly.

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“The Dilemma” – Turtle Illustration #4

Here’s what happened when she hurried off the road. Now what? In this illustration the wood grain is obvious.

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The Monster” – illustration #3

The turtle’s nice smooth path leads her to an unpleasant surprise.

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