Welcome. Benvenuti.

I’d like to explain the purpose of this blog … to write about my writing and my painting, creative endeavors that seem to be manifesting simultaneously.

I know that writing about writing seems redundant, but the writing here isn’t for publication per se; it’s my journal, and will serve as a record of my personal writing process. I hope it will evolve to be a connection with other writers for mutual inspiration and encouragement. I’ll also write in a separate category about my painting process, except when the two intertwine (that could happen).

I plan to eventually develop a page to display my art, and I’ll review books by other writers; whatever catches my interest.

I’ve been working on my own novel, yet untitled, that makes use of some experiences I had during the 14 years I lived in Tuscany. The novel is—of course—fiction, but since it’s a historical mystery, much of the background information is fact. My experiences are used out of context and distorted to fit my plot, yet there is always a grain of truth in them, the essence of the experience. I hope I’m able to reflect that in my writing so readers can savor Tuscany and Florence with the same gusto that I did. I’ll excerpt brief passages from the book here, and include old photographs from my past that illustrate the written descriptions.

I’m in the process of refining my manuscript. I joined the JRW James River Writers here in Richmond, Virginia. I’ve attending their conference and lectures and learned much of interest, but there was also much to discourage me, especially the many discussions on how hard it is to find an agent or a conventional publisher. And it’s true; I tried that path. No-one would even read what I wrote; getting a professional opinion has proved to be impossible. But friends read early drafts and their enthusiasm is encouraging. I know, they’re friends … what else could they say? However, I plan to push onward; I’m looking at self-publishing options. As I learn how to do that, maybe what I learn can be of use to you. I hope so. And, of course, if you have information that would be helpful to me and other unpublished authors, please comment with your suggestions. Andiamo Avanti. Let’s go.

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  1. My friend Carol Hicks told me about your blog. I’ve been to Florence & Venice when we went through Italy to get to our foreign exchange daughter Sandy’s wedding in France. We flew into Rome & immediately got on a train so we could go see Niki de Saint Phalle’s Tarot Garden. Have you ever been there?
    All ways us
    & Laughter,
    Ms. Susan, The Pink Flamingo Lady Of LALALand/Lower Alabama

    • admin says:

      Hi, Susan. No I’ve never been to the Tarot Garden, but Carol mentioned it to me. Sounds intriguing, and something I should check out next time I’m over there. I believe I’ve seen your library door, if that’s the one with flamingo’s on it, the one that Carol painted. Thanks for checking out my blog.

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