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Cold Blooded

Here is another poem based on a dream:   Cold-Blooded I laughed when I described this dream;  its image of hibernating snakes. My dream self is rolling them up in wool—blanketing them with such silly seriousness. I’m packing you away … Continue reading

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Eventually – this poem explores one of those moments when life changes unexpected. When an unknown future looms ahead it can be frightening, but unpredictabilty can force us to examine ourselves, can lead to recognition of a supressed spark within which, when nurtured, can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Eventually I’m wildly volatile wildly untamed. Wildchild, your eternal rebel. Down with left-brained order! Rightmindedly I cling to chaos whose wholeness doesn’t dissolve my freedom. Don’t define me and lose my ambiguity. Don’t desert me; don’t diffuse me. Choose me … Continue reading

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