5 Ways I’m Like My Protagonist

Some of my protagonist’s story is based on personal experience, so those who’ve read my manuscript and know me have the right to question if this novel is autobiographical.

One story incorporated into the novel as Megan Eston’s experience was a personal experience of mine, published as a one-page article in Venture Inward magazine. (CTRL + click to follow the link) http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&rh=n%3A283155%2Cp_27%3ACynthia%20Baldini&field-author=Cynthia%20Baldini&page=1

Writing the article fueled my interest in journaling, which evolved into my current novel-in-progress. I began with the published experience, but tweaked the details to fit my protagonist and my plot.

Five Ways I’m Like My Protagonist:

(1) Megan studied Commercial Art & Design at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University,) formerly RPI (Richmond Professional Institute) – I received my BA in Commercial Art & Design at RPI

(2) Megan grew up in Richmond, Virginia – So did I.

(3) Megan abandoned her tour to stay in Florence, Italy – I did that.

(4) Megan has vivid dreams. – So do I.

(5) Megan is a Pisces – So am I.

Yikes! Mabe she is me. But, no. In the novel I invent situations, and then imagine how Megan might react to them. So this may be the best place to explain that Megan Eston is not me. I’ll only admit to having endowed her with my former low self-esteem & timidity, nothing else. She doesn’t usually think, or behave, as I would.

Maybe she’s my alter-ego.

I try to show how she moves through challenges psychologically as well as physically; and to show that when she changes her reaction to circumstances, she changes the circumstances themselves.

I enjoy having her behave in ways that I wouldn’t, and letting unexpected reactions take me and Megan to unpredicted outcomes. I get to experience life in new ways through my writing. And so does the reader, I hope. Isn’t that why we read? To experience more life than our own life can encompass? To see that life can be an adventure?

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