Inspiring scenery

geranium walkwayHere are photos I took that illustrate the typical gardens and scenery in Tuscany. Images like this inspired the descriptions in the two following excerpts from “Immortal Venus.”

Excerpt 1:geraniums2

The terrace is edged by a low wall on which sit huge terracotta vases filled with geraniums, whose brilliant red blossoms stand out with vibrant intensity against a dark hedge.

Beyond the terrace white petunias spill from urns scattered throughout the garden, and small silvery trees shimmer down the slope, rising up again toward a distant castle on the other side of the valley. The sky is clear, and details stand out sharply, almost magnified.olive panorama

I feel pierced, as if the beauty of the day were a weapon that slices directly into my solar plexus. My inner pain intensifies and transforms into a pulsating throb of unfocused urgency.

Excerpt 2:

At the end of the hedge beyond wrought iron curlicues on a big gate, another cypress-lined driveway curves away and disappears uphill. gateThere’s an emblem on one of the stone gateposts, a coat of arms. It’s eroded and the animal depicted on it is indistinct; it looks like some kind of dog.




Here are a few more photos that, while not specifically described in my novel, still influenced my vision:

BEST olive vineyardiris face

Castellina in Chianti

Castellina in Chianti


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