Eventually – this poem explores one of those moments when life changes unexpected. When an unknown future looms ahead it can be frightening, but unpredictabilty can force us to examine ourselves, can lead to recognition of a supressed spark within which, when nurtured, can lead to a more fulfilling life.


I’m wildly volatile

wildly untamed.


your eternal rebel.

Down with left-brained order!

Rightmindedly I cling to chaos

whose wholeness

doesn’t dissolve my freedom.

Don’t define me

and lose my ambiguity.

Don’t desert me; don’t diffuse me.

Choose me use me.

Whose benefit is served

by systemizing your life?

Where does it lead if you go

only where you already know?

My maze of perplexity asks the questions

that answer your needs.

My disorientation shakes smugness

from your tree of complacency

into the foggy puddle of volition.

I give you a choice in who you are.

Apprehension’s not my friend.

Uncertainly is not my enemy.

Discretion’s not one of my virtues;

it requires limitation.

Unbounded acceptance leads infinite

impossibilities into the realm of realists

who shake their heads and cry, “Sorcery!”

Don’t divorce me from your life –

you’ll endlessly follow

the same blind alley

into oblivion.

Follow me.

You may not know where I’m leading,

but it will always be

somewhere that you’ll need to be.




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