My First Book Fair

My debut novel, Immortal Venus, was published on September 15, 2012. My efforts to market so far have been minimal, since I work full time. But my employment will be ending in one week and I hope to give more attention to getting the word out about this paranormal mystery/romance.

Caffespresso, November 2012

However, I did have a successful booksigning at Caffespresso, an independent coffee shop here in Richmond, Virginia.

I also participated in a group Book Fair at Regency Mall shopping center. This was my first book fair and I didn’t know what to expect. I thought I’d prepared well, but the other authors were clearly more experienced because they had an array of eye-catching displays, besides which my table seemed barren. There was a lot of traffic from passing shoppers and the fair was successful, thanks to Tina Glasneck’s excellent planning.





You can see photos of the event and samples of the authors writing at:

I enjoyed conversing with the other authors and I’ve learned much about presenting my work to the public.  Say tuned for upcoming events.

The Ebook is now available at:




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